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Monday, 28 December 2020
  Proper Puja for Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja Expert Panditji
Trimbakeshwar is a holy place in a village called Trimbak which is located in Nashik city. Kaal…
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Wednesday, 23 December 2020
  Perform Kalsarp Yog Puja Authorized Pandit in Trimbakeshwar
If a person has Kaal Sarp Yog in the horoscope then many astrologers / Panditji advise doing…
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Friday, 18 December 2020
  Best Pandit for Kaal Sarp Yog Puja in Trimbakeshwar
Trimbakeshwer near Nashik is the best place for its Kaal Sarp Puja, the only place dedicated to its…
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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
  The Most Famous Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrologer
There are many people in this world who have a special person in their life. And they spend a lot…
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Thursday, 22 October 2020
  Best Health Problem Solution by Astrology
For a happy life good or perfect health is essential. There is the proverb that is called “health…
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Monday, 16 September 2019
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Tuesday, 6 August 2019
  kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja at Trimbakeshwar
People from across the globe have been coming to Joshiji family at Trimbakeshwar for performing all…
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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Tuesday, 8 August 2017
  Famous Black Magic Removal Specialist in India
Astrologer Suranjan is available 24*7 for consultation to remove black magic. He uses every method…
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Friday, 2 June 2017
  Kaalsarp Yog Puja
Having kaalsarp yog in horoscope doesn't imply that individual will be absolutely unfortunate and…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Thursday, 1 June 2017
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Thursday, 25 May 2017
  Kalsarp Shanti Puja Trimbakeshwar
What is Kalsarp Shanti Puja? When all planets come between Rahu and Ketu or when all the stars of…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Wednesday, 10 May 2017
  Love problem solution baba ji +91 7073778243 in nagpur
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Thursday, 27 April 2017
  Kalsarp Yog Puja
What is Kalsarp Yog? Kalsarp yog is formed when all seven planets are come between Rahu and Ketu. A…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Tuesday, 25 April 2017
  Kaalsarp Dosh Puja
The Kaalsarp Dosh is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu & Ketu. Kaal means death…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Wednesday, 12 April 2017
  Kaalsarp Puja Vidhi
Kaalsarp Dosh implies many meanings in Sanskrit, but there is danger and a threat to life…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Friday, 7 April 2017
  Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Vidhi
Kalsarp dosh nivaran Trimbakeshwar can be performed in India to gain all the positive benefits of…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Thursday, 30 March 2017
  Kaalsarp Puja Vidhi Trimbakeshwar
Pandit. Dev Kumar Sharmaji lives in Trimbakeshwar. Panditji is well versed with all the vidhis and…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Wednesday, 29 March 2017
  Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Vidhi Trimbakeshwar
Why should you do this Puja? The only remedy for getting rid of the ill-effects of the Kaalsarp…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Thursday, 23 March 2017
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  Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Puja
When we come to know that we have Kaalsarp Dosh in the birth-chart then, first of all, we want to…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Wednesday, 22 March 2017
  What is the Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran?
Kaal is another word for death. A person who is born under the Kaalsarp yog faces near death…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Thursday, 16 March 2017
  Kaalsarp shanti trimbakeshwar
What is the Kaalsarp dosh? When all the planets other than the outer planets are gathered in…
Maharashtra › Nashik
  Kaalsarp shanti puja Trimbakeshwar
Why perform Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran puja? The Ksalsarp Yog occurs when all planets in an individual's…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Friday, 10 March 2017
  Kalsarp Yog Puja Trimbakeshwar
Kalsarp Puja at Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Vidhi Puja must be performed according to the…
Maharashtra › Nashik
  Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran trimbakeshwar
Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran implies many meanings in Sanskrit, but there is danger and a threat to life…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Thursday, 2 March 2017
  Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran
Most effective solution on Kaalsarp Dosh is Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Puja at Trimbakeshwar: Kalsarp…
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Friday, 10 February 2017
  Kaalsarp puja Trimbakeshwar
The KaalSarp Yog is a dreaded yoga that can cause one's life to be miserable. A person under the…
Maharashtra › Nashik
Friday, 6 January 2017
  Kaalsarp Puja in Trimbakeshwar
Shree Pandit Devkumar Sharma is an eminent pundit living in Trimbakeshwar who’s few years of…
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